Principle of the game

The B.B.R. SNOOKER game consists of 9 red balls and 6 colored balls: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. The principle is to score points by entering alternately a red and a colored ball in the order of your choice.

All reds are worth 1 point, the colors have different values ​​like in classic Snooker. The yellow 2 points, the green 3 points, the brown 4 points, the blue 5 points, the pink 6 points and the black 7 points. The object of the game is to reach 147 points.

Triangle arrangement

The balls are placed as follows: Red balls at the 3 ends, the black ball is placed in the center of the rack and red balls and colors are alternated in random order.
Some examples :

The heist of the BBR SNOOKER game

In order to determine the player who will have to break first, the players will use the random system available to them in the game interface. The player having won the random system will be automatically selected to play first. The breakage will be alternated thereafter.

The scrapping player starts with a ball in hand and must place the white in the semi-circle behind the colors. At least four balls must contact one or more bands under penalty of illegal breakage. In case of invalid breakage the player can start over once without penalty. If he then achieves a second invalid break, the hand will automatically pass to his opponent and the player will score 0 points for this “rack”. Any red ball-objects ejected at the break from the surface of the table are not put back into play but counted.

Course of the game

After the break, the game continues according to the following rules: The player takes a ball in hand and must enter alternately a red ball and a colored ball as long as he regularly pockets until the last colored ball. After entering the latter, he can return the remaining red marbles in the order that suits him.

The maximum total of points per Frame is 36 points distributed as follows: 9 red balls (= 9 pts) + 1 yellow (= 2pts) + 1 green (= 3pts) + 1 brown (= 4pts) + 1 blue ( = 5pts) + 1 pink (= 6 pts) + 1 black (= 7pts).

Any fault committed after the breakage or any missed ball automatically stops the player's turn. The first player to reach 147 points wins the match. The same number of turns must be played by both players.

These towers are called “rack” in the game interface.

Two players can therefore reach 147 points with the same number of “racks”. In this situation, the victory will then be granted by "sudden death".


Each player plays an additional series of pilots. The best score wins.
In the event of a tie, they start again until they decide to decide.

Faults after the breakage