Description of the competition

BATTLE BILLIARD ROYAL is a new type of billiard competition. Adapted to all styles of play (US Pool, Blackball, 3-cushion, Snooker and Chinese Pool), this competition takes place in two phases:

Description "Diamond hunt"

All participants are awarded 2 diamonds upon registration. The goal of this phase is to be in the first 8 to reach 7 diamonds to qualify for the next phase.

To achieve this objective, players put their diamonds into play by randomly confronting other players in a billiard game mode pre-established by the organizers. (See in the "Rules" tab all the game modes created by us). The players thus gain or lose diamonds according to their results during these clashes.

If, after a time established in advance by the organizers, the number of qualified is not reached, the best classified players will be qualified automatically. This classification is established according to the number of diamonds, the average points per rack and the number of racks.

Description "Final confrontation"

In this phase, the players qualified in the “Diamond hunt” phase compete against each other in a classic table of direct elimination (single KO). The draw for matches will be done automatically and randomly from our platform.

Conditions to be able to participate