Principle of the game

The B.B.R. CHINESE 8 BALL game is played with 15 object balls numbered 1 to 15. Balls 1 to 7 (full ones), 9 to 15 balls (striped ones). The fifteenth ball is ball number 8 which is black. This ball must be pocketed after having pocketed its entire group of balls, solid or scratched as the case may be.

The object of the game is to reach 50 points. To score points you have to pocket the balls of a group determined by the player's choice after the breakage. Each legally pocketed ball is worth 1 point. The black ball is worth 3 points.

Arrangement of balls with a triangle or a Magic Ball Rack

When playing BBR CHINESE 8 BALL, the ball corresponding to the number of the "rack" played is the one placed on the spot with the 8 ball in the center (except at the eighth "rack" where it is 8 on the spot)

Example: In “rack” number 3, the ball 3 will be the one placed on the spot in first position with the 8 in the center of the balls. The remaining balls are placed randomly.

From the 16th rack, we come back to ball 1 on the spot, rack 17: ball 2 etc ...

The heist of the BBR CHINESE 8 BALL game

In order to determine which player will have to break first. Players will use the random system available to them in the game interface. The player who wins the random system will automatically be selected to play first. The breakage will be alternated thereafter.

The junkyard player begins with a ball in hand in the starting area. No ball is imposed, you can break on any ball in the triangle. After having broken, the player can choose his group (full or crossed out) and must imperatively announce it aloud to his opponent. At least four balls must contact one or more bands under penalty of illegal breakage. In case of invalid breakage the player can start over once without penalty. If he then achieves a second invalid break, the hand will automatically pass to his opponent and the player will score 0 points for this “rack”.

Ball-objects other than the black ball ejected at the break from the surface of the table are not put back into play but counted.

Course of the game

After the breakage, the game continues according to the following rules. The player has no ball in hand. On his first stroke and only at that moment of the game, the player has the possibility of playing a ball from one colored group to enter a ball from the other group (eg: He announces his choice to take the striped ones. can on his first stroke play a full ball to get a striped ball in. He therefore has stripes and must continue playing as long as he regularly pockets the balls of his group choice up to the black ball). 1 point per pocketed ball and 3 points for the black ball.

Any fault committed after the breakage or any missed ball automatically stops the player's turn. If the black ball is pocketed during of the game before the player has returned all the marbles in his group, the player scores 0 points for this rack. The first player to reach 50 points wins the match.

Two players can therefore reach 50 points with the same number of “racks”.
In this situation, the victory will then be granted by "sudden death".


Each player plays an additional rack. Whoever achieves the highest score wins the match. If there is a tie again they start again until they are tied.

Faults after the breakage

  • White ball pocketed or ejected off the table surface
  • Wrong ball hit first (the object ball of the player's choice to be contacted first by the white).
  • No foot touching the ground.
  • Ball ejected outside the playing area.
  • Ball affected by something other than the process.
  • Double contact on frozen balls.
  • Ball pushed and not struck.
  • Ball still moving during a stroke.