Principle of the game

The B.B.R. 3-CUSHION game is played as follows. We play with three balls: two white and one red. One of the two white balls is marked with a small dot (it can even be yellow in color).

To score points you have to do a greater series of pilots than your opponent. As long as the player succeeds in piling up, he continues. When he misses his shot, it is his opponent's turn to play.

A pile-up is carried out if the player arrives by playing with the white ball of his choice (one of the 2 white balls) to contact at least 3 bands before touching the other two balls.

1 point per successful pile-up is awarded to the player.
The end goal of the game is to reach 50 points.

Arrangement of balls

Flies are traced on the billiard table. Three flies are lined up at the top of the billiard table and one at the bottom. The red ball is placed on the bottom fly. The yellow or white pointed ball is placed in the middle of the three aligned flies. The white ball (pointed ball or not) is placed either on the left or on the right and this at the will of the player who is going to start.


In order to determine which player will have to break first. Players will use the random system available to them in the game interface. The player who wins the random system will automatically be selected to play first in each round.

Course of the game

After the engagement of the first player, play continues according to the following rules. The player must make the longest series of regular shots. Its turn stops automatically if:

Any fault committed after the engagement automatically stops the player's turn.
The first player to reach 50 points wins the match.
The same number of series must be played by both players.
These towers are called “rack” in the game interface.

Two players can therefore reach 50 points with the same number of “racks”.
In this situation, the victory will then be granted by "sudden death".


Each player plays an additional series of pilots. The best score wins.
In the event of a tie, they start again until they decide to decide.

Faults after the entry: