Terms of Service

The purpose of these general conditions is to define the conditions under which the company BATTLE BILLARD ROYAL registered with the RCS of Fréjus under the number: 792 653 339 00020 as well as the RCS of Grasse under the number: 518 525 068 00020 (hereinafter "the Company") publisher of the site www.battlebillardroyal.com (hereinafter "the Site"), provides the user (hereinafter "You") with a billiard competition platform on which you can participate in tournaments or multi-player matches with videoconferencing systems or in commercial halls. Article 1 - Acceptance of the General Conditions To be able to register and play on the Site, you must have expressly and irrevocably accepted these Conditions by checking the box provided for this purpose on the Site. You thus declare and acknowledge that you have read and accepted these Conditions. The Company reserves the right to modify these Conditions. You will be informed of the changes so that you can read and accept them. You should also have read the Battle Billard Royal Privacy Policy. Article 2 - Terms of registration and player commitments 2.1 Creation of the provisional account Conditions of registration The use of the Site supposes that you register in advance by using the online form provided for this purpose. In the absence of an account created, it is impossible to participate in competitions offered by the Site. Only a natural person can play on the Site. You should only have one active account. Registration details You must enter the following personal data: name, first names, date of birth, place of birth, title (Madam, Sir, Miss or companies), home address, email address, telephone number (landline or mobile). Any data communicated by you is under your sole and entire responsibility and can in no way engage the responsibility of the Company. If you live in a country other than France, it is your responsibility to check that the legislation of your country allows you to register and play on our site. The Company reserves the right to prohibit the use of pseudonyms and / or avatars that it deems inappropriate, in particular those of a political, racist, pornographic, insulting, violent nature, promoting drugs and / or weapons. Once the information has been entered, an email is sent to you, containing a clickable link to validate the accuracy of your email address. Operation of the provisional account When registering on the Site, you are informed that the account is created on a provisional basis while waiting for you to send the following supporting documents within the maximum period of thirty (30) days from the online registration: A copy of your national identity card OR your passport (valid document); A Bank Identity Statement (RIB) These documents must be of a quality that allows the information present to be read. You can send them to us: Directly from your personal space; By email at support@battlebillardroyal.com; The bank account must be opened in your name with a payment service provider established in a state which has concluded an agreement with France containing an administrative assistance clause with a view to combating fraud and tax evasion. If the documents are still not communicated to the Company at the end of a period of thirty (30) days, from the online registration, the account will be definitively closed. The company will inform you by email of the reason for this closure. The sums deposited in this temporary account can only be used to participate in matches and competitions offered by the Site after the final validation of your account. You cannot request the transfer of the sums from your temporary account to your bank account before the final validation of your account. You cannot access BBR tournaments or multiplayer matches with your provisional account. Access is reserved for players with a definitively validated account. 2.2 Final validation of the account Information verifications by the Company The Company acknowledges receipt of the documents you sent it and performs any useful checks to ensure that the data entered on the online registration form matches the documents sent. Once your documents have been verified by the Company, you will be able to participate freely in the matches and competitions offered by the Site. 2.3 Account operation Connection Precautions You should always make sure that any links that claim to direct you to pages on www.battlebillardroyal.com actually do. Your browser's address window must start with https://www.battlebillardroyal.com/ for the connection to be secure (check for the padlock on your screen before writing). All other address labels do not come from the Company. Any connection with your identifiers will be deemed to have been made by you. You must ensure that you disconnect from the Site at the end of each session and take all the necessary precautions to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. Any voluntary handing over of your identifiers to a third party will result in the closure of your account and exclusion from the Site. The Company cannot in any way or even be held liable in the event of use of the Site by a third party by means of your personal data. You must immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of your confidential data. Your account will then be immediately deactivated and a customer support investigation will be carried out. Change of your identification elements You must inform the Company of any change in the identification parameters concerning you. You must send any supporting documents for the change made within thirty (30) days of the date on which you informed the Company. In the event of non-compliance with this provision, or if the supporting documents do not correspond to the data entered, your account will be immediately closed. The company will inform you by email of the reason for this closure. Flow between your definitive player account and your bank account You must be the author of the deposits on your player account. The bank account must be opened in your name with a payment service provider established in a state which has concluded an agreement with France containing an administrative assistance clause with a view to combating fraud and tax evasion. Once your Bank Identity Statement has been validated by the Company, your due assets may be transferred to your bank account. Payments will be made on request from you via the withdrawal page provided for this purpose in your personal space on the Site. All money credits cannot be transferred to another player. Article 3 - Closure of the account The Company will close the player's account when its holder: Makes the request; Has not communicated to him, within thirty days from the opening of a provisional account, all the documents necessary for the validation of his player account; Has not communicated to him, within thirty days of the modification of his contact details, the corresponding supporting documents; Has no activity on the site for a period of one year; Has not accepted, within 7 days, the correction of his personal information made by Battle Billard Royal when a difference is noted between the data communicated at registration and the information written on the identification document. Closing a provisional player account results in the immediate blocking of the sums in the player's account. Closing a definitive player account entails the immediate payment to the player's bank account of the sums in the player's account, provided that the player has entered his bank details, provided a Bank Identity Statement (RIB) validated by the Company and that no fraudulent activity leading to the blocking of the account has been carried out by its holder. If such a transfer is made impossible by the player, in particular if the player has changed his bank details without notifying the Company, management fees for the closed account will be applied at the rate of one percent per month, with a minimum of one. euro per month. These fees only apply to closed accounts for which the transfer of the balance could not be made because of the player. Operation of a closed account is not possible. The company will inform you by email of the reason for this closure. Article 4 - Loss of money 4.1 Money losses The Site is designed for sports practice and for your personal use. You acknowledge that participation in paid sports activities is an uncertain activity which may result in loss of money. The Company cannot be held responsible for any claim for loss or damage of any kind resulting from participation in sports competitions or paid matches with real money under any condition. Any player who plays billiards on the Site does so voluntarily, at his sole discretion and at his own risk. The Company reserves the right to send players warning messages at any time about the financial risks associated with excessive participation in competitions or matches offered on the Site or even to temporarily or permanently suspend a player's account. reporting pathological behavior in his sports practice ... 4.2 Mechanisms for preventing excessive sports practice According to the researchers, too much physical exercise could lead, not only to fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle pain, but also to a decrease in our brain capacity, and impulsivity. And, perhaps, to the development of burnout. In order to prevent these risks linked to excessive sports practice, the Company has put in place the following information mechanisms: You can view your account balance at any time, as well as the history of your competitions and matches played. Regular reminders in communications to participants on the effects of excessive sports practice. The Company reserves the right to send players warning messages at any time about the health risks linked to excessive participation in competitions or matches offered on the Site or even to temporarily or permanently suspend the account of a player reporting pathological behavior in his sports practice ... Article 5 - Fraudulent activities The Company undertakes to ensure to fight against any fraudulent activity. It reserves the right to close the account of a player guilty of such activities. Without waiving other remedies, the Company may immediately issue a warning, suspend temporarily or indefinitely, and / or terminate access and use of the Site, if a player: Violates any term of these General Conditions; Open more than one player account on the Site; Make his player account available to a third party; Is guilty of all forms of fraud, collusion, cheating; Uses a stolen or forged bank card, or stolen or forged identity documents. Connects to the Site using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) The Site has several means to detect, prevent and sanction this type of activity: A human monitoring service manages complaints from players who believe they are victims of fraudulent activity, collusion or cheating on the part of other players. This service carries out checks, analyzes and surveys, randomly or on request, of the history of sporting events (the data of which are systematically and fully kept by the Site). An alert system, established by the Site on a large number of criteria, making it possible to detect possible modes of cheating. In the event of suspicion or demonstration of fraud, collusion or cheating, the Site, depending on the seriousness of the fault, warns, suspends or excludes (temporarily or permanently) the player (s) concerned. In any case, in the event that your account is closed by the Company due to a violation of these General Conditions, you lose your rights to the bonuses or any other promotional offer that may have been granted to you. The Company reserves the right to claim the restitution of economic rewards obtained fraudulently, as well as the sums deposited which made it possible to generate these gains. Article 6 - Fight against money laundering The Company implements various means to fight against money laundering through the Site: Manual verification of the identity of the players and the conformity of the supporting documents provided, Inability for players to transfer money between themselves, Prohibition of the method called "chip-dumping" by which a player could voluntarily lose money to another player. The Site uses human resources to detect and prevent this behavior. In the event of a suspicion of money laundering, the Company blocks the accounts of the players concerned while it is necessary to carry out all the necessary investigations and, if necessary, to notify the competent authorities. At the end of the said verifications, and in the absence of money laundering, the sums appearing in the blocked accounts are returned to the players concerned. Article 7 - Security check In order to maintain a high level of security and integrity, the Company reserves the right to perform a security check at any time to validate your identity and age, as well as your registration data. In order to facilitate security checks, you agree to provide the information and documents requested by the Company. Failure to provide a satisfactory response to the Company, the latter reserves the right to close your account. The data concerning you are accessible to the controls of the public authorities within the framework of the verification of the compliance by the operator of its obligations under the applicable regulations. Article 8 - Forums and chats When you communicate with other players on the forums and / or chats of the Site, you agree not to make any discriminatory, offensive, racist, violent, rude or illegal comments or violating the rights of any third party. You are also prohibited from using the Site for commercial purposes (commercial messages or unwanted advertising). The Company reserves the right to exclude from the forum any player violating this article. This exclusion may result in the temporary or permanent closure of the player's account. Article 9 - Free complaints procedure set up by the Company for the benefit of players If you wish to make a complaint, of any nature whatsoever (operation of the Site, operation of your account, aggressiveness of a player on the forum, etc.) you can write to support by email at the following address: support@battlebillardroyal.com Upon receipt of a complaint, a complaint file is opened and a number is assigned to it. We undertake to respond to them within 7 working days. Customer Support will follow the case until it is completely resolved. After its resolution, the file is closed and archived for a period of 6 years. Article 10- Personal data and confidentiality policy Battle Billard Royal undertakes, within the framework of its activity and in accordance with the legislation in force in France and in Europe, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU ("RGPD"), to guarantee the protection , the confidentiality and security of personal data of users of our site. Battle Billard Royal's privacy policy is detailed on the Legal Notice page available at the following address: https://www.battlebillardroyal.com/legal_notice The site uses cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the service. Cookies do not store personal information and are not used for commercial purposes. Article 11- Image rights By accepting these general conditions of use you authorize BATTLE BILLARD ROYAL to use your image. Consequently and in accordance with the provisions relating to image rights, you authorize BATTLE BILLARD ROYAL to fix, reproduce and communicate to the public the photographs and videos taken in the context of matches or competitions organized for or with the company BATTLE BILLARD ROYAL . The photographs and videos may be exploited and used directly by BATTLE BILLARD ROYAL, in any form and on any media known and unknown to date, worldwide, without time limit, in full or in extracts and in particular: - Hurry, - Advertising, - Other*. * The beneficiary of the authorization is expressly forbidden to proceed to use the photographs and videos likely to infringe the private life or the reputation, and to use the photographs and videos of the present, in any medium of a nature. pornographic, racist, xenophobic or any other harmful exploitation. Article 12 - Limitations of liability The Company is not legally responsible in the event of violation of these General Conditions by a player, in particular and not exclusively in the event of fraudulent activities or money laundering or even infamous, degrading or racist remarks made by a player on the Site. In the event of a disconnection from the Site resulting from a malfunction of your computer or your Internet connection, the Company is not responsible for the sums which would be lost during the incident. You further agree not to communicate or transfer in any way your data to a third party. Article 13 - Force majeure The Company cannot be held responsible for any interruption in the operation of the Site due to unforeseen circumstances or for reasons beyond its control, in particular, but not limited to: natural disasters, such as fires, floods, earthquakes land, hurricanes, tropical storms or the like; war, insurrection, arson, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, or terrorism; fiber optic cuts, strikes, or shortages of transportation, infrastructure, fuel, energy, labor or materials; the breakdown of infrastructure providing telecommunications and information services; hacking.