League ranking

Description of the BBR League

From September 1 to March 31, the BBR League will be reserved for subscribers (FFB Online License or BBR License). All BBR tournament results are taken into account to develop this ranking. The BBR league consists in making all the licensees compete against each other during the season in order to qualify the 8 best players of each discipline for a final at the end of the season to give the title of BBR Champion 2021. Rewards will be awarded to the best !!! • How to collect points for the general classification? Each place is important in our competitions, for example on a tournament of 150 players, the points will be awarded as follows:

The points of the matches in "Tournaments"

  • 1st: 150 pts
  • 2nd: 149 pts
  • 3rd: 148 pts
  • Etc….

Match points in "Premium Access"

  • Winner: 2 pts
  • Loser: 1 pt

The points of the matches in "Duels"

  • Winner: The value you played turns into pts (ex: Beginner 5 € = 5pts)
  • Loser: half of the value you played turns into pts (ex: Intermediate € 10 = 5 pts)

Several other tournaments will be organized throughout the season with or without registrations. All these tournaments will allow you to collect ranking points. - Juniors - Women - Teams - Scottish - Handicap Tournament - Tournament by level of play (Beginner / Intermediate / Semi-Pro / Professional.