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Stay informed in real time on What's App

In addition to our Chat, so that everyone can be informed in real time of the number of players waiting to play on the platform, we are going to create this weekend a "What's App" group for people who want to be kept informed.
This group aims to:
- Inform the community that you are free to play (now or later)
- Scheduled a "Duel" match or a "Duel€€€" with other players
- Planned a training
- Organize a Live
- Organize a "Challenge" (up to 6 players)
Please contact Mr Noel Bensaid so that he inserts you in the discussion group.
We remind you that you can broadcast your videos on your Facebook account.

Article of 05/12/22

Update and novelties 2022

After many months of work, we are happy to introduce you to the update and the new features for 2022.
📌Free platform
For anyone who has created an account.
📌Updated and fixed bugs (IOS and 4G optimized).
We advise not to use IPhone or Samsung below the 8 series in order to avoid latencies.
📌Addition of game distances.
Choose your game distance according to the time you have in front of you.
 📌Built-in chat
Discuss, exchange, comment via our chat integrated throughout the site (Pages and videos).
📌Watch unlimited
Watch all the broadcasts on the site and follow the results in real time in the Livescore.
📌Create a Live in 1 less than a minute.
Create your Live to broadcast either a match, a tournament, training, drills, challenges up to 6 players, billiard lessons etc...

You now have the essential tool for any pool player.  Use it without moderation, broadcast all your billiard events to give more visibility to our sport!

Article of 03/18/2022

Battle Billard Royal becomes free

We are happy to announce that the Battle Billard Royal platform becomes free

What should be done to benefit from it?

📌Create your account in 2 minutes
📌Finalize the registration by providing the requested documents
📌 Wait for our validation
📌 Enjoy 100% free platform

We will soon communicate to you the new products for 2022 that you can already find on the site!

Article of 03/16/2022

Our history
The story of Battle Billiard Royal was born during the first confinement following a simple conversation between Noël and François. After several discussions they decided to create an online billiards tournament platform open 24/7 to players from all over the world. The idea is to give everyone the chance to compete, progress and discuss this sport that we all love. From home or via a commercial room, the concept allows beginners, experienced and professional players to play together.
Noël is currently a mathematics teacher at a college in the south of France. Introduced to billiards by his very young father, it was only at the age of 19 that he started competing in Spain. He was Champion of Seville, Champion of Andalusia as well as Vice-Champion of Spain by team. He has participated in national competitions in France since 2015. Some time after his return to France, he created a billiard club within his college. He volunteers several times a week for his students aged 11 to 15. As a true enthusiast, he was fortunate enough to be able to set up a 9ft American pool table at his home and train hard to achieve his goals. Every year, he also organizes Opens in his region to boost his sport and allow him tohave access to enough competitions to improve.
François discovered billiards at the age of 11 with the billiard table his parents had given him. First tournament at 15 and he has never stopped since. A true enthusiast of this magnificent sport, he participated for many years in French national competitions in the Masters category and was triple French team champion and finished 9th at the European team championships. He had to stop competing in 2015 for professional reasons but always continued to train at home on his 9ft American pool table.